Food & Music Fest Bite Spotlight: Pink's Chili Dogs

Editor's note: Earlier this month, we announced that Serious Eats would be cohosting the Great American Food & Music Fest. Each week until the event, we'll spotlight a different food purveyor that will be participating. Today we have ...


Pink's will be serving its famous chili dog at the Great American Food & Music Fest on June 13. Photograph from VirtualErn on Flickr

When: Saturday, June 13; doors open at noon
Where: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View CA
What: A celebration of great American food, chefs, musicians, and winemakers, hosted Bobby Flay and featuring some of the best regional food purveyors in one place
Cost: Prices vary, $35 to $526
Bite Spotlights: Tony Luke's (Philly)
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When I started thinking about what hot dog purveyor I wanted at the Great American Food & Music Fest I realized that in actuality there wasn't much of a choice: We had to have Pink's Hot Dogs, from Hollywood.

I spent my senior year of high school in Los Angeles at Fairfax High, and it turned out that Pink's was a five-minute drive from the high school's hallowed halls. Pink's was also a ten-minute drive from my house, so it's fair to say that I ate at least 200 Pink's chili dogs with mustard and onions between September of 1968 and June of 1969.

There is nothing like a Pink's chili dog. They start with a good natural-casing all-beef hot dog. After that, it's all about the toppings. The dark brown lavalike Pink's chili is not terribly hot, but it is insanely savory and satisfying, especially when combined with mustard and onions.

We're thrilled that the Pink family, which has owned this corner of hot dog heaven since it opened in 1939, is bringing its unique chili dogs 350 miles up the coast to our fest in Mountain View.

Remember, tickets for the Great American Food & Music Fest, on June 13 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, start at $35, which includes all ticketing fees and, more important, your first Pink's chili dog.

Here's more info on the Food & Music Fest. And you can buy tickets here.