In Videos: Squeez Bacon from ThinkGeek


Straight from Sweden, ThinkGeek brings us Squeez Bacon, a processed, preservative-free bacon product that allows you to easily add the flavor of cooked bacon to anything—ground cow, melon, seameat, you name it! Hell, it's so good you'll want to squeeze it straight into your mouth. If you need more convincing, watch this commercial after the jump.

Squeez Bacon from ThinkGeek

Unfortunately, Squeez Bacon® does not exist. The voice over in the commercial is actually reciting the lyrics to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. But there is at least one squeeze-able bacon-flavored product out there:


Kavli's Baconost, bacon-flavored cheese in a tube, found in Norway, Sweden, and possibly other tubed-meat-cheese-loving countries.


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