In Videos: 'Cooking with Dog' Makes Low-Fat Gyudon


I don’t know why we’ve never blogged about this video series before. You'd think Robyn would have been all over this—it's Japanese, it's cute, and it involves animals.

And before you go there, it's about cooking along with a dog. A dog named Francis, who, as a friend pointed out, makes surprisingly sophisticated recipes. I mean, Cooking with Dog could easily have gone into superkitsch territory, in which the food was secondary to the talking-dog shtick.

But, it doesn't. Probably because it’s from Japan and because the dog, a poodle, is of French origin. And, as you know, both cultures take their food very seriously. [Get cookin' with the video, after the jump.]

'Cooking with Dog: Low-Fat Gyudon (Japanese Beef Rice Bowl)'