Got Leftover Gefilte Fish? Deep Fry It

200090416-gefiltefish.jpgIf you didn't get enough gefilte fish over Passover, which ends today, here's a new one: deep-fried gefilte fish. Following the golden rule of everything's more palatable deep-fried, the fish patty moves from a jar of jiggly broth to a vat of bubbling fat juices. Phyllis of me hungry! was inspired after her husband took a whiff of the stuff plain:

He’s never been a fan of processed food, and he likes his food served warm. So he offered up a novel suggestion, 'Could you maybe deep fry it for me?' Funny that he should ask—I just finished reading an article about deep fried gefilte fish, which is apparently quite popular in the UK. Deep frying makes everything delicious but I decided to add my own special twist: gefilte fish tempura!

Sounds like an appetizer at a Paula Deen seder.

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