Photo of the Day: Philadelphia's Largest Apple Turnover


Photograph from Mike Monteiro on Flickr

The size of a large dinner plate (or approximately four fists), Famous Fourth Street Delicatessen's apple turnover is Philadelphia's largest—at least that seems like a safe assumption. Oversized portions are the norm at the Jewish deli, open since 1923. Sandwiches come in two sizes: regular and zaftig (read: large and extra large). Roadfood's Michael Stern raves about the pastrami sandwich: "The pastrami is shockingly tender, judiciously spiced even at its blackened edges, rich enough to feel like wanton indulgence, but not obscenely fatty." If the turnover is too much for you, save room for one of their cookies, so popular they opened a cookie outpost at the Reading Terminal Market.

Famous Fourth Street Delicatessen

700 S 4th Street, Philadelphia PA (map) 215-922-3274

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