The UK's Favorite Dunking Biscuits, Plus Dunking Tips

Telegraph reports the results of a survey to find the UK's top ten favorite dunking biscuits, the leader being the chocolate digestive. Compared to un-coated biscuits, the chocolate digestive's chocolate shell protects the biscuit from becoming soggy too quickly.

Physicist Dr. Len Fisher of Bristol University, who tested for the breaking point of the biscuits, offers this advice for successful biscuit dunking:

The best strategy is a flat-on approach, biscuit-side down to minimise chocolate bleed into your tea or coffee and to maintain the chocolate layer as a crack-stopper. [...] The biscuit—held as you would a penny—should be removed in a smooth fluid motion with the dunked half swivelled, so that it is supported by the dry section of the biscuit, to reach your mouth first.

If you're not familiar with the wide world of biscuits, study A Nice Cup of Tea and Sit Town, the most excellent and entertaining guide to biscuits on the web.