This Week In Recipes


A Perfect Plate: Inspired by her dad, Kerry Saretsky serves crispy salmon nestled on a bed of French lentils all topped with mustard crème fraîche.

Spice Up You Life: Nick Kindelsperger shares a memorable recipe for califlower-potato curry, or Aloo Gobhi.

Spaghetti and Sardines: Blake Royer whips up Venetian spaghetti coated in a creamy sardine sauce.

A Meat-Lite Cassoulet: Reforming this often meat- and fat-heavy dish, Joy Manning gives us a delicious spin on cassoulet.

Transcendental Cabbage: Formerly not a cabbage fan, Kristen Swensson gives red cabbage another shot by pairing it with apples, honey, and bacon—needless to say, her opinion changed.