This Week in Recipes


Sam I Am: Channeling his inner Dr. Seuss, Ed dishes up green eggs with parma ham.

Personalize Your Bibimbap: This Korean dish can be made with almost anything, but Nick Kindelsperger shares his favorite toss-ins and bibimbap technique.

A Taste of Africa: In her exploration of worldwide cuisine, Kristen Swensson looks toward Kenya to create a healthy and delicious irio, which is made with peas and potato.

Don't Throw This Dish Away: Garbage pail pasta might not sound tasty, but as Blake Royer adds leftovers from his fridge, the meal gets more and more mouthwatering.

Serious Italian: Snow inspires art or staying at home, but for Gina DePalma, it's motivation to make a snow day crespelle for dessert.

Mock Poutine: Always on her eight-buck budget, Michele Humes dishes up gravy-cheese oven fries to warm her belly, without leaving the wallet cold.

Drunk Pot Pie: Kerry Saretsky channels her French past by trying her mother's recipe for coquilles St. Jacques with roasted lemon.