The Secrets of Successful Food Blogging, via Twitter


The South By Southwest Interactive panel "The Secrets of Successful Food Blogging" wrapped up less than an hour ago. We hear from panelist Zach Brooks that it wasn't recorded, and until someone blogs it, we'll have to rely on the pointillist picture emerging from Twitteronia.

Searching the hashtag #foodsxsw gives you the tweets of folks in attendance (those who bothered to hashtag their tweets, anyway). We've excerpted the most interesting ones.

Panelists were Zach Brooks (Midtown Lunch), Cathy Erway (Not Eating Out in New York), Kalyn Denny (Kalyn's Kitchen), and Addie Broyles (Relish Austin)—moderated by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Cupcakes Take the Cake). Tweets below occur roughly in order.

On Post Frequency and Traffic

kittygutz: Don't get wrapped up in statistics. Don't care about how many people follow you on Twitter or read your blog.

kerri_qunell: "Post every day," says @MidtownLunch. Agree?

dirttodish: @kalynskitchen says if you do recipes don't worry updating every day. More people will find a good recipe if you leave it up.

amnichols: @kalynskitchen Write for SEO terms, put alt tags in the pics, take good photos - quality is much more important than frequency

[After the jump, food bloggers on community, ethics, and harnessing Twitter.]

Shams and Snark

amnichols: Blog awards are a total sham ;-) but each blog has its own measure of success.

soakland: #foodsxsw panel so far is all serious with actual information on running a food blog... unlike #urblogsux earlier which was all snark

On Community

broylesa: It's very important to give credit where credit is due (ie linking to other blogs, even if it is the competition). @midtownlunch

vegansaurus: food bloggers are the most community oriented group. totally agree! the vegan food bloggers are mad tight.

tastytouring: Brooklyn may have a great foodie comm but I bet the Austin food lovers/bloggers community is the best! Maybe I'm a bit biased tho

On Ethics

lauriewrites: @midtownLunch will not accept free food from any restaurant in Midtown Manhattan. Never intros himself to a spot before eating.

amnichols: If your review sounds disconnected (PR fed) you will lose credibility

broylesa: I write about less than 2 percent of the swag (cookbooks, restaurants, food, etc) that people send me.

Hmm, I Wonder What This Was All About

elmundodemando: Good discussion but a little weird dynamics going on up there. A little competition is always good though.

What It Takes to Start a Food Blog

foodzie: You need passion & focus to start a food blog. @midtownlunch I'd say it's the same for starting any business.

amnichols: Find a niche, get a SLR camera, and be entertaining, timely, and useful



momopeche: Someone just coined the term "recipe gangbang." what's next? "gravy bukkake"?

What's New On Serious Eats

On Twitter

lauriewrites: Panel split on value of twitter. @cupcakesblog digs it. @midtownlunch wants you to read his blog.

amnichols: @midtownlunch Twitter is great for letting readers know some quick info, don't post original content, use Twitter to promote blog

broylesa: Original content is GREAT for Twitter! That's why they call it "microblogging"

robquig: Yes, Brooks, you are missing the point on Twitter. See @broylesa

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