Pancakes Mountain T-Shirt, Plus Other Pancake Outerwear


Pancakes Mountain ($18), a new shirt from Threadless, makes me long for tall stacks of fluffy pancakes doused in golden streams of maple syrup. What a beautiful world that would beautiful.

Considering how awesome pancakes are, I thought, "There must be other awesome pancake t-shirts out there!" Sadly, I didn't find a rich supply of well designed pancake shirts (anything from Cafepress or Zazzle didn't count) but there were a few standouts. More pancake shirts after the jump.

20090320-pancakeshirts-nataliedee.jpgPancakes: Natalie Dee's pancake shirt may look like your run-of-the-mill pile of smiling, buttered pancakes, but look closely and one of the pancakes is crying for help, Haha!...yeah, it ain't gonna get out. $16 from Sharing Machine


Pancake Power: I love this shirt, but there is no buy button. Apparently it no longer exists except to tempt me on the Internet. Damn you, Cotton Factory. (After contacting Cotton Factory, they said they may bring the shirt back someday. I'll be watching.) ?$ from Cotton Factory

20090320-pancakeshirts-poweredby.jpgPowered by Pancakes: To be powered by pancakes is very different from possessing pancake power. $13 from Yque


These Pancakes Don't Run: A political statement wrapped up in pancakes, or just stating the obvious: that pancakes don't run? $17.99 from T-Shirt Insurgency

20090320-pancakeshirts-valor.jpgPancakes: The Better Part of Valor: If Shakespeare had been obsessed with pancakes. $18 from Goats