No Beets Will Grow in the White House's Organic Vegetable Garden?


Now that Michelle Obama has announced that there will be an organic garden planted on the White House lawn, I'm sure the Edible Schoolyard's Alice Waters will be doing some serious dancing in the streets of Berkeley. To be sure, it is an incredibly exciting, maybe even seminal, moment in the evolution of our nation's food culture. But Marian Burros' story in the Times did reveal a hole in President Obama's food game. The man doesn't like beets, so there aren't going to be any beets grown on the White House lawn.

C'mon, serious eaters, don't you think the Prez needs to get over himself and start to dig beets? Perhaps he needs a copy of Jeffrey Steingarten's The Man Who Ate Everything so that he can overcome what I am sure is a lifelong aversion to beets. Most of us hated beets when we were growing up, Mr. President. That's because all we were served horrendous canned beets that turned all the other food on our plates red.

Won't you join me in imploring our first family to plant some beets in their garden?