Fractal Snowflake + Cupcakes = Serious Math


Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Math has never exactly been my forté. If it involves food, however, I'll give it a whack. On first glance these fractal snowflake cupcakes are seemingly simple, with a series of triangles and what have you thrown together to make a darling little shape that reminds me of arts and crafts time. How wrong I was. These cakes require some serious math. Lets break it down, shall we?

It all starts with a "simple" algorithm. The Koch snowflake algorithm consists of three identical Koch curves, which essentially make one large triangle. This triangle is cut into four smaller triangles made of blue fondant and then centered on another larger triangular base which is made of white fondant. This process of making four triangles from stretched blue fondant and adding a triangle of white fondant, then putting them together, stretching, and then making four more triangles is repeated until "the limit of your patience" or until the fondant becomes no longer manageable.

Now, I can't exactly say that I will be whipping out the fondant for this one, but I have nothing but admiration for the brilliant minds who are able to successfully complete the Koch fractal snowflake cupcake and would gladly eat one (or five) to show my approval.