Häagen-Dazs Will Decrease 'Pint'-Sized Ice Cream Tubs


A pint's not a pint, unless it's a pint, right? Häagen-Dazs will shrink its ice cream "pint" tub from 16 to 14 ounces, reports Advertising Age. Mini tub competitor Ben & Jerry's is very critical of the shrinkage, with this to say on their website:

One of our competitors (think funny sounding European name) recently announced they will be downsizing their pints from 16 to 14 ounces to cover increased ingredient and manufacturing costs and help improve their bottom line. At Ben & Jerry’s we think downsizing pints is downright wrong. We understand that in today’s hard economic times businesses are feeling the pinch. We also understand that many of you are also feeling the same, and think now more than ever you deserve your full pint of ice cream.

Does Häagen-Dazs just secretly think we're too chubby? Either way, I want those extra few spoonfuls back, thank you very much.

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