Got Breast Milk?


Thus far a breast milk craze has not hit, but I am a little surprised. After all, it's the perfect organic, raw, and local food wrapped into one, neat, biodegradable package. And if you are going to drink milk, it's said to be better for you.

Why is breast milk on my mind? Well, Vice magazine recently concocted a cupcake challenge [NSFW] using cow's milk and breast milk:

After quietly chewing for a few minutes, he whispered, “I ... I can’t tell any difference at all." But we said, “No, you have to choose one.” So he held up the cupcake in his right hand and said, “This one is vaguely tastier.” And guess what, it was the boobcake! Breast milk officially wins!

Could this be the wave of the future? You tell me. Until then, I'll stick with soy milk for my tea.