'Georgia On My Thighs' Cooks Along with Paula Deen


Most food-blog readers are familiar with the cookbook cook-along blog genre. Julie Powell invented it with her Julie/Julia Project, eventually garnering a book and movie deal from it.

Then came Carol Blymire, with a seemingly more improbable cook-along, working through a Thomas Keller book on French Laundry at Home, followed by dizzying new heights with Alinea at Home. And let's not forget Nose to Tail at Home, cooking through Fergus Henderson's Whole Beast.

But Thomas Keller is exacting and demanding. Cooking from Alinea practically mandates that you buy a chemistry lab. And some folks might be squeamish about a pig's head staring up at them from their stock pot. Heck, even the comparatively more accessible Julia Child recipes are beyond the scope of what many busy home cooks are willing to do.

So what about ... Paula Deen? Yes. Long story short, there is now a Paula Deen cookbook cook-along blog. It's cleverly titled Georgia On My Thighs and is published by Michele Humes (whose name you may recognize from Serious Eats). From her About page: "I have spent my life studying French, then Russian, then French cooking. At 27, I am cooking my way through The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook. I do not know what I will find."

You, dear reader, will find her first entry: a broccoli casserole.