Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 58: My Diet Buddy Grace

20080306-scale.jpgWith the non-stop focus on food at SE World HQ, I need as many diet buddies as I can get. Although everybody is supportive at work, who would have thunk that our superb intern, Grace Kang, is my ace number one diet buddy at work. I may be the boss, but Grace always speaks her mind with my waistline in mind, even when I give her dagger looks. At home my wife and even my son are ever vigilant, but for me there is much more diet peril at work for reasons known to most serious eaters: the constant availability of potentially seriously delicious food.

Grace usually sits at our conference table, amidst the sea of gathered and delivered food that seems to take over said table nearly every day. It is from that key vantage point that Grace doles out her tough diet love.

It was Grace who saved me from lard potato chip ruination by instituting "The Rule of Twenty": no one in the office can eat more than twenty lard chips a day. Often one of us brings in food that turns out to be pretty terrible, and it is Grace who saves me from myself when I wander over to her lair (the table) to nibble on some sub-standard goodie.

She invariably says, "Ed, what are you doing eating those things? You just told us they're not good."

It's been a particularly stressful week at work, so I have found myself all too often in Grace's lair, looking for chocolate or even seasonal goodies like hamantaschen or Irish soda bread (Bouchon Bakery is baking an exemplary Irish soda bread for St. Patrick's Day).

But she has been ever vigilant in trying to put a stop to my neighborly forays.

The Weigh-In

Let's hope her vigilance was enough. My interim weigh-ins over the week have had me mostly even. That's not surprising, because last week I lost two pounds and the weight is coming off slower and slower, which I suppose is a good thing because it means I am getting down to my goal weight.

Here we go: 225. Down a pound.

Thank you, Grace, a fabulous intern and a most excellent diet buddy. I've decided that every time I approach the conference table I should think to myself, "There but for the Grace of good go I."