Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 57: Apple Crisp, Lard Potato Chips, and Chocolate

"We all tried not to eat more than 20 chips a day..."


This week I found myself confronted by three foods I find utterly irresistible:

Apple crisp, potato chips fried in lard, and really good chocolate. Do you share these weaknesses?

Encountering any one part of this terrible-but-terrific trio would be cause for alarm in a given week. Encountering all three is, for me, the equivalent of a drug addict being inadvertently locked overnight in a pharmacy. It must be said that I did not seek any of the three out. I was not searching for lard chips or crisp or chocolate. All three of them just happened to fall into my path.

I'll explain.

We had friends over for dinner on Saturday. My wife decided to make a truly phenomenal apple-cranberry crisp recipe she had found here. It was seriously delicious, as it always is, and the recipe easily makes enough apple-cranberry crisp for ten. We were only five, so there was plenty of crisp left over for Sunday and even Monday. I basically had the crisp for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Sunday. I find apple-cranberry crisp to be extremely versatile, don't you? So Sunday became my crisp diet day. Mercifully, it was gone after Monday breakfast had come and gone.

On Tuesday Adam Kuban returned from a trip to Pennsylvania with four different kinds of potato chips fried in lard. Have you ever had these? Potato chips fried in a pork product--what could be better? We all tried not to eat more than 20 chips a day, but for me, setting those kinds of limits when there is that many porky, fried-in-lard chips around is rather difficult.

Finally, a big box of Valrhona chocolate bars were delivered to the office. We did not ask for these but once we signed for them, they were ours. The box is still sitting on our conference table.

We've embarked on an aggressive campaign to rid our office of this dual menace, but as I am writing this, both the chips and the chocolate remain firmly ensconced on the conference table.

The Weigh-In

Believe it or not, my interim weigh-ins this week have not been discouraging. It will be a really good sign if I can lose a single pound in a week where I have been confronted by apple-cranberry crisp, potato chips (fried in lard), and Valrhona chocolate. I would even regard staying the same as a victory. Here goes:

226. Down two pounds. I managed to overcome my crispy, chippy, chocolaty week. Good deal.