More Brackets: Tournament of Genius Features Col. Sanders vs. Gen. MacArthur


In this month of rivalries, we've seen burger brackets and meat match-ups, and now there's the Mental Floss Tournament of Genius. One of its pairings pits General Douglas MacArthur against Colonel Harland Sanders.

When it comes to corporate fried chicken, food snobs invariably choose Popeye's over KFC, but there's no denying the Colonel's genius role in spreading breaded bird parts across the globe. Not only that but:

As if cracking the code to delectable chicken didn’t make Sanders a genius, he also managed to become the most famous Colonel in history even though he never attained the rank during his military service. On top of that, he single-handedly made the white suit and string tie appropriate attire for successful Southerners.

The Colonel is currently running at 44 percent in the poll. Care to strike a blow for deliciousness?