Christopher B. 'Stubb' Stubblefield, or Stubbs, a Texas Barbecue and Music Icon


Even if you haven't been to Texas, you might be familiar with Mr. Stubblefield. His brand of barbecue sauce, known simply as Stubb's, is stocked at most grocery stores nationwide. And though some might assume it's just a marketing ploy, that face on the package was real. He died in 1995, but his legacy (of making fingers everywhere all sauced-up) extends to the music world. He was as obsessed with music as he was with smoked meats.

NPR's Kitchen Sisters has a nice profile on Stubblefield, whose Austin barbecue joint (also, conveniently, called Stubb's) doubles as a concert venue, and was hot this week on the four-day SXSW music fest circuit. From Neko Case to Ben Harper, plenty of musicians were stopping by.

One of the highlights on NPR's audio feature is Stubb's appearance on a Late Show with David Letterman episode from 1992. When asked how he got into this he said, simply, "I was born hungry my dad said."