Birds Stealing Ice Cream Cones


I love this photo gallery of birds stealing ice cream at a seaside esplanade. Look at that rascal above; you can practically see the greed in his eyes.


And, at least for a moment, this poor woman is blissfully oblivious to the carnage going on. [via MetaFilter]


This reminds me of the brazenly opportunistic gulls in Wildwood, New Jersey, where two miles of greasy boardwalk fare (including the delicious Sam's Pizza Palace, above) keeps them well-fed.

I remember getting a lunchtime phone call from my girlfriend, who had gone down the shore a day ahead of me. "A bird just stole my sandwich! I put it down on the bench to go get napkins, and when I came back, a gull was eating it! And the carnies were laughing!"

What did she do? Stole the sandwich back, broke off the gull-eaten half, and ate the remainder.