This Week in Recipes


Take the Whole Bird: In an attempt to satisfy both her healthy habits and her boyfriend's junk food craving, Kristen Swensson made Marcella Hazan's lemon roasted chicken with carrot and potatoes.

Winning Waffle: Ed found that Better Homes and Gardens has made the perfect recipe for the best waffles ever, no contest.

The Sausage Makes It: Even though this recipe is from Meat Lite blogger Joy Manning, her lentils with caramelized leeks and sausage gets better depending on your choice of meat.

Crabby Rice: Don't let the name fool you, Nick Kindelsperger's crab fried rice is bound to make you happy.

Pasta, Italian Style: Pasta alla Gricia never sounded so good as when our Italian specialist Gina DePalma made it.

Eat for Eight Bucks: Even though her gai pad krapow Thai basil chicken filled the belly, Michele Humes was doubly happy to still have room in her pockets.

Perfect Combo: When Blake Royer made a pear, warm prosciutto, fig, and blue cheese salad he didn't realize it would be a match-made-in-heaven kind of recipe.