This Week in Recipes


Bearing Fruit: Not only does Tam Ngo hip us to what pomelos are, but she also shares her recipe for goi buoi, a salad made from them.

Let Them Eat French Toast: For Sunday brunch, Ed Levine cooks Cap'n Crunch French toast, a perfect blend of kid and adult comfort food.

Warmed By Chili: Even though we think of chili as classically being red, Kristen Swensson makes a healthy and hearty white chicken chili.

Conquering Fear by Roasting: When Blake Royer made roasted fennel tomato sauce for his pasta dish, he was a little apprehensive about fennel's strong licorice taste. His fears were allayed when he discovered what roasting does to the herb.

There Is No Yuck in Yucatecos: Nick Kindelsperger conjures up memories of Mexico by making panuchos yucatecos con chorizo, using a Rick Bayless recipe as a starting ground.

Much Ado About Oatmeal: Oatmeal fanatic Erin Zimmer thought up a tasty new way to use her leftover breakfast. She turns them into sesame-seed-crusted oat fritters.