Sweet Talk with Necco Sweethearts


When Valentine's Day rolls around, I like a little bit of sweet talk. As much as I love Necco wafers, it seemed to me that the everyday Sweethearts were a bit chalky and disappointing. Luckily, it seems like Necco has decided to spice things up lately, with chocolate, smoothie, and tart versions of the classic classroom Valentine's staple.


Interestingly, it seems there is a flavor of love, and each flavor has its own personality. The chocolate Sweethearts taste like solid hot cocoa, and take a very traditional approach to romance, whispering sweet nothings like "Be Mine," "My Love," and "Marry Me." Chocolate, it seems, is into some old-fashioned commitment.


The Smoothies, flavored like blueberry, banana caramel, tropical, peach, and strawberry crème smoothies, are smooth talkers, delivering lines like "Spice It Up," "Email Me," "Be Good," and, strangely, "Top Chef."


The Tarts give a bit of modern sass, with lines like "Kiss Me," "Melt My [Heart]," and "I [Heart] U."

Which flavor of love will you be going for this Valentine's? And what's the best Necco pick-up line you've ever seen on a Sweetheart? You have to admit, they're the perfect way to eat your words.