V-Day Giveaway: Praise the Lard Box from Zingerman's

20090210-vdaypig.pngOur macaron giveaway just ended, but that's OK. We've got another sweetheart of a contest for you to enter today. This one gives you the chance to win a Praise the Lard Gift Box from Zingerman's. Here's what's in it:

  • A pound of Benton's Bacon In a country full of worthy candidates, Allan Benton's intensely flavored bacon just might be my favorite
  • Broadbent Kentucky Sausage: Why is this Kentucky sausage, which comes in a cloth bag, so delicious? It's made with fresh ground pork, sage, red pepper, salt, and a secret ingredient or two and then smoked over green hickory for 24 hours. That's why? 'Nuff said
  • Sam Edward's Virginia Breakfast Sausage: The Edwards family has been making this sage-y sausage for over a hundred years ago, so you can be sure they have the recipe and the process down pat
  • Spanish Chorizo: Subtle, rich, fantastic, real chorizo from Spain made with pork, garlic, and paprika, then all cured in a room dried by smoke of a smoldering fire
  • Zingerman's Peppered Bacon Farm Bread: Bacon+pepper+Zingerman's Bakehouse Bread=Serious Deliciousness
  • Mo's Bacon Bar: Bacon+Chocolate=A sweet kind of serious deliciousness

And if you don't happen to win the Praise the Lard Gift Box this time around, remember you can buy this gift box or anything at Zingerman's for 10 percent off on anything $75 or over. Use the promo code LOVE when you call or check out. Ed Levine

How to Win This Box

To win this box, all you have to do is compose a pork- or Valentine's-related acrostic poem in the Comments section below. The best entry, as determined by Serious Eats' staff, wins.

You have until 3 p.m. ET tomorrow (February 11) to enter. The best entry, as determined by Serious Eats staff, will be chosen from among the eligible commenters. Contest winners are limited to residents of the continental U.S. The standard Serious Eats contest rules apply.