Large-Scale Enticing Food Smells


Photograph from williac on Flickr

Today a great mystery was solved in New York City. Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that city, state, and New Jersey agencies had pinpointed the source of the infamous maple syrup smell that occasionally wafts across parts of Manhattan.

The story reminded me of various large-scale food odors I've encountered in the different cities I've called home. In Kansas City, I remember that the Folger's plant downtown (which I think has since been turned into fashionable lofts) emitted the eye-opening aroma of roasted coffee. Ditto the nearby Wonder Bread plant, with its smell of fresh-baked bread. However cottony those loaves may have been, the aroma of toast was hunger-inducing.

In Salem, Oregon, an onion-processing plant stood between my home and office. Driving home from the night shift, I could smell that funky odor in the cool night air about a mile before I passed the building. And when I moved up I-5 to Portland, the heady hops smell from the now-defunct Henry Weinhard's brewery (converted to condos, alas) was practically an advertisement for getting soused.

I'm curious—what enticing aromas waft through your neighborhood? Or, like Folgers in KC and Weinhard's in Portland, have these places moved out or beyond sniffer range leaving you only with memories?

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