In Videos: Camera on a Sushi Conveyor Belt


Ever wonder what it would be like to step into a shrink ray and hop aboard a sushi conveyor belt? Worry no more. Some crazy cats plunked a video camera down on a kaiten-zushi belt and let 'er rip. The video's a bit long, but do let it play out. You get one lap with the camera pointing inward toward the sushi-makin' action and then a part of a lap pointing out toward the customers (watch closely in this lap and you can see the camera in the mirror it passes). The video, after the jump.

On a Sushi Conveyor Belt

Update: The video was made by Dennis Wheatley and Stefan McClean: "We were sitting in this sushi bar pondering how best to set up a camera to film things all by itself whilst we were in Tokyo. Take our hands out of the equation... let the camera have its own journey." The song is called "Lost in a Moment" by Shrift ( [via Neatorama]