Food Puns for This Weekend's Academy Awards


With the help of the Talk community and some other friends, we've put together a menu of foods word-playing off the Academy Award categories. Yeah, some of them are pretty bad.


  • Frosted Flakes/Nixon
  • Mr. Frosty/Nixon
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Mutton
  • The Curious Case of Beignet Button
  • Corndog (or Chili Dog, or just plain Hot Dog) Millionaire
  • Grand Panino
  • Flan Torino
  • GuacaWall-E
  • Revolutionary Rolls
  • The Reader.. (uh, this one is too hard; ergo, should not win award)
  • Milk (go crazy here)


  • Kate Wing-lets
  • Ann Hath-fillet
  • Frank Lan-jello
  • Gus Van Sant-wiches
  • Marisa Tomei-to Soup
  • Frieda Pinto Beans
  • Amy Adams Apple
  • Mickey Pork
  • Brad Pitted Prunes
  • Eggplant Parma-Sean Penn

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