Mother's Cookies Update After Kellogg's Purchase


Photograph from turkeychik on Flickr

Many of you have been asking about the future of Mother's cookies, so we contacted Kellogg's with your questions. In our inbox from a Kellogg's spokesperson today:

Kellogg Company plans on reintroducing many of Mother's Cookies back into stores on the West coast by June, 2009. While we may not have all varieties of Mother's Cookies available at that time, we are working on some of your favorites like Mother's Circus Animals, Mother's Iced Oatmeal cookies, Mother's Parade Animal cookies, Mother's Chocolate Chip, Mother's Coconut Cocadas, Mother's Macaroons, Mother's Taffy Sandwich cookies, Mother's English Tea cookies, Mother's Double Fudge Sandwich cookies, Mother's Vanilla Crème Sandwich cookies, and Mother's Iced Lemon cookies.


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