This Week in Recipes


Barely Barley: From the Cook’s Illustrated’s Best Light Recipe book, Kristen Swensson dished up the slightly nutty barley risotto.

Peace, Love and Hominy: It's cold out there, so why don't you thaw out with a bowl of pozole verde, Nick Kindelsperger's meatless hominy soup.

Never Out of Style: As the years go by, pasta dishes are always in chic, like the spaghetti with garlic, broccoli and ham, by Tara Mataraza Desmond.

Fancy and Meat Free: After plates of cold cuts, sausage and cheese, bacon and roasts, go vegetarian for a meal with Blake Royer's caramelized tofu with Brussels sprouts.

Super Cocktails: Kerry Saretsky's New Year's party was sure to be tasty with her array of fancy drinks like the Nutella champagne shooter or the chic French 75.

A Green New Year: After tipping us off to some tasty drinks, Saretsky shares her mâche salad with pomegranate molasses dressing, a good way to start 2009.