In the Battle Between Spam Spread and Libby's Potted Meat, There Are No Winners


You don't really want to see the stage in between "can" and "wonton." Photographs from The Tasty Island.

What would you do with a neglected, second-hand can of Spam Spread? If you're Pomai of Hawaii-based blog The Tasty Island and are drawn to Spam in all its variations, you will brave the unavoidable horrors of unleashing this spreadable version of Spam for the purpose of writing a pseudo-masochistic, three-part series comparing it to the similar, but even less appealing, Libby's Potted Meat Food Product. Even if you never plan on Spam Spread touching your lips, Pomai's posts are worth an entertaining read. Here are some choice quotes from his posts.

Spam Spread on Rice ‘n Crackers:

You must acclimate your palate first in order to even remotely like this stuff, no matter how it’s served.

Spam Spread Crispy Wontons:

Notice that the Spam Spread and Libby’s Potted Meat practically, for the most part, melted away. All that was left behind were gritty bits of true-to-its character-in-flavor protein from each. A testament that most of its volume is made up of congealed fat. Lovely.

Spam Spread Wonton Min:

On the negative side, I could taste that funky cat food-like aftertaste they both have even more than the crispy, deep-fried versions. [...] For better or worse, boiled wontons brings out the filling ingredients’ flavor much more than deep-fried crispy ones; here being the latter.

Thanks, Pomai, for putting your taste buds on the line.