Newman's Own's Wins 'San Francisco Chronicle' Soy Crisp Taste Test

20090107-newmansown.jpgSoy crisps are good because they establish the salty punch—whether ranchy, barbecuey, vinegary, or garlicky—but don't waste calories on a fatty base. No potatoes or other starchy chips, just puffed, low-fat soy crispiness. The San Francisco Chronicle realizes how puffy we all feel after the holidays, and how much we could use "snack alternatives," so they conducted a taste test with five brands.

Newman's Own won for tastiest over Whole Foods' store brand 365, Glenny's, Gen Soy, and Safeway's Eating Right. As a soy chipper, I agree with the results, and hope Newman is watching from the clouds, knowing he did right in the soy snack world.

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