In Videos: Trongs, the Latest in Finger Food


These red claws may look like lobster appendages but they are apparently for humans. Step off, spork. Trongs are the latest in hybrid utensil fashion. (Wait, what does the "r" represent? Tongs plus, uh.) Nobody would think you were weird at all if you kept them in your bag, just in case the saucy buffalo wing attacked. In this 30-second promotional video, the robotic music seems to build up to something really cool and climactic, but that never happens. Watching people who seem to believe Trongs are the wave of the future, though, does have its appeal. The video, after the jump.

And if you're left feeling hungry for more Trongs multimedia, play the game! (A lady in a low-cut top throws chicken at you.)

Trongs, the Latest in Finger Food

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]


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