Would Chipotle Ever Sell a Breakfast Burrito?


Photograph from greefus groinks on Flickr

During tough economic times, restaurants search for quick fixes to make up for lost revenue. Some options: extending hours, skimping on portions, and adding breakfast service.

As a fervent breakfast burrito lover, I was curious if Chipotle had considered the morning menu addition. Currently, the national chain doesn't open stores until 11 a.m., but maybe they could set the alarm clocks earlier and throw some eggs on the griddle? When asked, Chiptole's public relations director Chris Arnold, had this to say:

That is certainly something people have suggested to us, and something we have thought about ourselves. But it isn't as simple as it might look. Doing breakfast impacts our labor model (which has us running two full-time shifts a day) and could require different kitchen equipment—like griddles instead of grills. I wouldn't look for changes like that any time soon. But I do think we could do a great breakfast if we ever decided to.

Chipotle breakfast burrito: agree or disagree?