This Week in Recipes


More Then a Biscuit: Shuna Fish Lydon's shortbread cookies may look like bread, but their buttery-sweetness bakes into memory.

Light but Feisty: Chickpeas make one of the best bases for a lot of dishes and Kristen Swensson explores this idea with this couscous with chickpeas, tomatoes and edamame recipe taken from Cooking Light.

An Egg-centric Meal: Meat Lite bloggers Joy Manning and Tara Mataraza Desmond dish up a warm and hearty eggs any style shaksouka.

Indian Side Dish: Blake Royer breaks up the meat-centric holiday flare with golden potatoes with spinach, which he adapted from The Best-Ever Curry Cookbook.

Mystery Sauce: Pork chop with a modern soubise—don't worry if you have no idea what a "soubise" is, Nick Kindelsperger breaks it down for you.

Bacon Crackers: Michele Humes' take on Bon Appétit's recipe for pancetta crisps with goat cheese and pear turns a typical holiday appetizer into something with a little more class.

More Holiday Finger Food: Pretty, simple and tasty, this color themed recipe for baguette croutes with brie, avocado mousse, and sun-dried tomatoes comes from Kerry Saretsky's on the fly appetizer list.