This Week in Recipes


Home Bean: Warm up with Nick Kindelsperger's adaptation of hickory house baked beans.

Fire These Sweet Potatoes: Joshua Bousel ember-roasted sweet potatoes and coated them with a sweet maple cinnamon butter.

Filled Up: Deviate from the rich meats and sugar laced holiday goodies and try Barbara Hanson's stuffed pasta shells with spinach.

Simple Soup: On a budget? Blake Royer perfected a cheap and easy version of potato leek soup.

Cookies Galore: Tis the season to bake a million and one cookies. Test out the all-purpose cutout cookies, linzer cutout cookies or the simple sugar cookies.

Seven and Half Hours Later: Tam Ngo went the extra mile and completed two of Thomas Keller's elaborate recipes from his latest book. Find out how she made the grilled octopus tentacles and caramelized fennel.