This Week in Recipes


Sizzle Me: Nick Kindelsperger takes this idea to new heights with his quick-fix fajitas, the perfect food to interact with friends and loved ones.

Wrapped and Fried: Still have leftovers? Why not turn them into empanadas and then dunk the savory snack into all that gravy you have in the fridge.

Each Chocolate Flake is Unique: Stick your tongue out and catch Gina DePalma's cocoa snowflake cookies, or you can just lick the bowl after you make them.

Beyond the Cocktail Weenie: Need to add a flair to your holiday party? Why not try the pork sausage spiedini with bocconcini and cherry tomatoes from the book Simple Italian Snacks.

Old School Drinking: Mmmm...mulled wine. It was good when we stumbled on this recipe and it's still good today.

Bubble and Squeak: Just like you never get tired of saying it, you won't get tired of making bubble and squeak, a timeless British dish made of leftovers.