The Year That Was: 2008 on Serious Eats


We've been going a bit nuts with with our "The Year That Was" year-end roundups here on Serious Eats. Thank you for indulging us. (For those of you getting sick of these retrospectives, here's the official party line on that.)

To make it easy for you to browse all these wraps, I've gathered them all here for you. Enjoy! (Or not!) After the jump, the roundup roundup.

Best Bites

Ingredient of the Year: Bacon
Dish of the Year: The Burger
Eating Out Across the Nation (and World)
Best Dishes in New York

Recurring Memes, Themes, and Schemes of 2008

Questionable Celebrity Chef Hairstyles
Dear Serious Eats: "Enough with the Damn Year-End Reviews!"
Nagging Questions
Food Photography
Ed Levine's Serious Diet
Rest in Peace: Obituaries
Food Video Games
TYTW in Burgers
Stop-Motion Food Videos
Food as Other Stuff
TYTW on Serious Eats New York
Food in Space
Food Media
Food Shortages, Scares, and Rising Costs

Top 10 Posts (in Terms of Pageviews)

The Top Talk Posts of 2008
The Top 10 Posts on Serious Eats
The Top 8 Posts on Slice
The Top 10 Posts on A Hamburger Today

The Year's Best Food Porn on Serious Eats (and Its Subsites)

Serious Eats Food Porn
Burger Porn from A Hamburger Today
Pizza Porn from Slice
Serious Eats New York Food Porn