In Videos: 'Spaghetti Cat, I Weep for You'


Back story, in case you missed this one. In August, The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet inexplicably cut to a shot of a cat eating spaghetti during a segment on binge drinking. The footage was featured on The Soup, and a new meme was born. The latest in the saga is a totally ridiculous song called "Spaghetti Cat, I Weep for You," complete with cheesy visuals. The video, after the jump.

'Spaghetti Cat, I Weep for You'

Oh, the explanation for the Spaghetti Cat footage, it was a sort of visual "bleep" clip that was dumped in when a girl in the binge-drinking segment cursed. More info at The Modern Materialist blog. [via BuzzFeed]

Spaghetti Cat's First Appearance