Obama Family Makes the 'Eat Free' List at Ben's Chili Bowl


From left: Photograph from aliciagriffin on Flickr; Photograph from Travlr on Flickr

For years, only Bill Cosby made "the list" of who eats free at Ben's Chili Bowl, the District's greasy spoon institution on U Street. A few days before the election, the management printed out a new copy of the A-list, this time with the Obamas included. The first family-elect have yet to cash in on their gratis hot dog dripping with beans, but surely if you camp out during inauguration week long enough, you might spot them.

Cosby's patronage dates back to the 1960s, when he used to take his future wife to Ben's on dates. In 1985, he held a press conference at the diner to celebrate his television series, and continues to stop by for half-smokes when in town.