Dear Serious Eats: 'Enough with the Damn Year-End Reviews!'

I was wondering when someone would express this sentiment. From the Serious Eats inbox ...

Why the fuck did I read your site all year when it turns out I can just tune in this week and get an entire year's worth of shit in my RSS feeder? Enough with the damn reviews clogging things up. I can't find the new material for all this review shit. Stop it. Stop it now!

on vacation with a damn Google reader clogged with stuff I've already seen

------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Holli,

The time between Christmas and New Year's Day is a slow period for almost any media outlet that publishes on a daily or weekly schedule. After all, like you, we want a vacation, too. ;)

So we, like other publications, work ahead of time in early December to prepare these endless year-in-review items that we can schedule for posting while we're enjoying the holidays with our family and friends.


Tired of "The Year That Was"? We're not! So until we return you to your regularly scheduled programming, use this special feed from Yahoo! Pipes to filter it out.

But it's not just an easy way to generate content and mindlessly go on autopilot. I know I've had a blast looking through the archives of Serious Eats and all its subsites, and I think my co-eater Alaina Browne here summed it up nicely: "It's a great view into the breadth of the Serious Eats beat and the memes and themes that emerged, and a fun way to revisit some of our favorite and most popular posts."

I'm happy that you've read the site so thoroughly and remember everything on it so well that these Year That Was posts are all old hat to you. We love readers like you! But lots of our community members don't have the same steel-trap mind (I know I don't—I had forgotten about a lot of the content we covered this year). Moreover, we've grown so much over the year that much of what we've covered is new to a lot of readers.

Look, I know it can be frustrating. I was watching CNN last night while they did a 2008 campaign wrap-up. I was totally all, "SEEN IT!" and changed the channel.

I wouldn't go so far as asking you to tune out until Monday, when we'll be through all the retrospectives we've got in the works, but I just took some time to make you a special feed using Yahoo! Pipes. Here you go: Serious Eats "The Year That Wasn't". You can go to that page and add the special feed to your Google Reader.

Since you're clamoring for some new material, I'll see if Kerry is available at this hour to mix you up one of her New Year's Eve Champagne cocktails. Look for it in two and two, then have a sip, and relax.


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