Bacon Snow or Bacon Blow?


Our favorite expletive-laced food blog Grocery Eats reviews last week's menu at San Francisco's Mission Street Food, a restaurant that is only open for dinner on Thursdays and features a different guest chef each week. The chef that night, Ryan Farr, featured a fairly pig-laden menu, including the dessert, Reconstructed Pecan Pie, Bourbon Cream, and Lines of Bacon "Snow." How was it?

Anyways Bacon Snow is the fucking truth, I will ride for that shit til the death. I know Brains was talking about bacon being the new all overprint but dude this shit brought me back. Bacon still has a long way to go. I don’t know how they make it but I think it’s powdered sugar infused with smoked bacon.

Besides leaning that "Bacon Snow is the fucking truth," the Grocery Eats gang also discovered that when a restaurant presents you with something called bacon snow, it's only natural to want to snort it.

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