This Week in Recipes


A Touch of French: Cold winter nights are often spent craving the perfect soup, and Blake Royer's French onion soup with star anise certainly is a candidate.

Year of the Chicken: Ok, there is no chicken in the Chinese Zodiac, but with this Chinese five-spice lacquered chicken maybe there should be.

The Other Green Dish: Tis the season for Brussels sprouts, a vegetable that haunts many a child's nightmares. Kristen Swensson's golden-crusted Brussels sprouts just might be the ticket to change their minds.

Pumpkin Pie No More: Nicole of Pinch My Salt blog tried something new with her squash—she made grilled pumpkin in sweet and sour sauce.

Quick Cornbread: Sick of dinner rolls? Nick Kindelsperger shares his easy recipe for Pan De Elote, a Mexican pan cornbread.

Pretend It's Not Turkey: Sick of Thanksgiving? Cover up the taste of your bird with stir fry turkey with green beans, adapted from a recipe by Raghavan Iyer.