This Week in Recipes


International Sandwich: Joshua Bousel takes the basic grilled cheese to new heights by creating a Middle Eastern grilled cheese on pita with dried mint.

Dairy-Free Pie: Who says you must have milk and butter to bake? Vegan cookbook author Dreena Burton shares her recipe for chocolate pumpkin pie—a dessert so good, no one will know it's vegan.

Eat Your Greens: And enjoy them too with a Martha Stewart recipe for Sicilian-style sauteed greens, a dish that can be made with kale, broccoli or spinach.

Beer for Breakfast: Well, maybe not a cold one, but Amanda Clarke suggests adding a brewski to your Belgian waffles to enhance the flavor.

Edible Bowl: When you stuff a bell pepper or tomato, you get the joy of eating your container as well. Tara Mataraza Desmond shares her Meat Lite dish for the week, stuffed poblanos with tomatillo salsa.

Dress the Salad Too: Just because the turkey gets all the attention, there's no reason to leave the lettuce bare, Nick Kindelsperger spruces his up with Thousand Island dressing, good also for a hearty Reuben sandwich.