This Week in Recipes


Holiday Dessert from Bon Appétit: In all it's ginger crusted glory, spruce up your Thanksgiving table with a lavish pumpkin cheesecake.

Stir Fry This: The cool thing about stir fry is that you can substitute almost anything for the basic ingredients as long as you keep the core herbs and protein, like the lemony chickpeas in this recipe.

It's Not a Red Twinkie: Tapping into childhood memories of spongy red cake, Amanda Clarke successfully tests out her version of cranberry zingers, only no plastic wrapping.

Orange and Black All Over: Just when you thought this spooky squash couldn't get any more exciting, along comes pumpkin gelato in a dark chocolate cup with a dash of mint.

Delicious Crumby Veggies: Another tasty Thanksgiving oriented recipe, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower gratin, which is coated in a toasted pine nut and bread crumbs.

Double the Sauce: As if one pasta sauce wasn't enough, Bucatini alla Lipari combines two. One consists of pureed nuts and garlic, and the other a basic tomato sauce with onions. Mix them together and watch the magic.