This Week in Recipes


Seasonal Marshmallows: Amanda Clarke develops a recipe for pumpkin-spice marshmallows, good for adding a kick to yams or sprucing up a cup of hot cocoa.

Decadence Has a New Name: And that name is glazed doughnut bacon egg cheeseburger. It has to be the most elaborate combination of fast food ingredients ever.

November 4th Cake: St. Louis food writer Ann Lemons Pollack explains the history of Election Cake, a patriotic dessert since Jefferson days.

Bacon Makes Everything Better: It's hard to find fault with the orecchietta with cauliflower and bacon dish, then again, it's hard to find fault with bacon.

Cactus, Not Caucus: When was the last time you cooked with a cactus? Never? Well, here is your chance with a recipe for seared steak tacos with cactus paddles.

Not Too Early for Turkey: The bird will have its moment later this month, but in the meantime, try this smoked turkey soup from the Meat Lite gals.