Fake Turk'y Taste Test


"I am fake." —anonymous stuffed turkey. Photograph from JP Puerta on Flickr

When uncles and grandmothers interrogate you tomorrow for being vegetarian, just savor your meatless drumstick and know that 7.3 million people in the U.S. join you. Juliet Lapidos of Slate tried four brands of faux bird and rated them according to appearance, meatiness, and taste. The winner? Not Tofurkey. Found in the hot foods section of Whole Foods, the Gardein Stuffed Veggie Turkey Roast won for its twinkie-shaped deliciousness (made of soy, wheat, peas, beets, and carrots).

"After my first bite, I felt a little anxious—I wondered briefly whether I'd mistakenly bought real turkey and glanced at my taste partner to see whether she, too, had a 'Wait a minute' look on her face." In conclusion, it was so good, it tasted like real meat.

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