A Thanksgiving Feast FOR Turkeys


If the sight of piles of packaged birds leaves a taste in your mouth as tart as raw cranberries, consider sponsoring a turkey this year. Adoption is very hot right now—it was only a matter of time before it began applying to other species.

bug-holiday-turkey-100px.pngFor $25, your turkey gets to live at a shelter for farm animals and have his own Thanksgiving feast (of squash). Turkeys have been giving us wings and legs and breasts for centuries. This year, I'm giving them a little bit of heart. They are an American bird, after all, and deserve something to be thankful for like everyone else!

Adopt a turkey this year at Farm Sanctuary. I just did. He's the hot gobbler pictured above. His name is Apollo, and this is what he has to say, according to the adoption agency: "Tell the world we have arrived—and we're ready for pumpkin pie!"

Handsome, and eloquent. I couldn't be more proud!