Should Picky Eaters Fake Allergies?

My dad, since day one, decided he hated mayo. Anytime we're at a restaurant, it's the same drill: him asking if mayo is on stuff, him specifying no mayo, and him basically scaring the server so bad, they wouldn't think to put mayo anywhere near him. Secretly, I always want to whisper to the waiter: "He's not really allergic to mayo."

Because it's all a lie. He won't break into hives or anaphylactic shock.

Yesterday's Washington City Paper broached the same topic: is it wrong to dislike a food, but at restaurants, call it an allergy? Most servers and chefs know your games. They know certain ingredients (like chicken or pepper) aren't likely allergens, but they'll give you fibbers the benefit of the doubt.

Are you guilty of the lies and games? You know you're not actually allergic to black licorice and cod liver oil!