Red Mango's New Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt


Red Mango, the frozen yogurt chain that's not Pinkberry, just launched a pomegranate yogurt this week, adding a third flavor to the menu's "original" and "green tea." Oddly enough, Pinkberry is also introducing a pomegranate flavor next week, except it doesn't advertise the POM Wonderful juice as an ingredient, as with Red Mango's version.

For me, the appeal of pomegranate is in the seeds. The crunch, the tang, the way they mysteriously dissolve in your mouth. But pomegranate-flavored yogurt? Does pomegranate even have a defined flavor? (Other than generic reddish, tartish fruit?)

It's not Red Mango's fault that the yogurt isn't overwhelmingly pomegranate; I'm not sure pomegranate even knows what it should taste like. Extracting the "essence" of the fruit, but leaving the seeds behind, seems fruitless. (Ha.) For a more pomegranatey flavor at Red Mango, my approach would be the original yogurt with a side of seeds.