Martha, Keith Olbermann, and WKRP in Cincinnati's Infamous Turkey Drop


bug-qb-mstewart.jpgMSNBC talking head Keith Olbermann was on The Martha Stewart Show today, and the two got around to talking about Sarah Palin's turkey pardon/slaughter. (Leave it to Olbermann to bring up Palin.) Jezebel's got video of the exchange (Martha: "We know they get slaughtered for Thanksgiving, but that was an especially gruesome scene back there").

We've already talked about the Palin turkey video. No, what we're interested in today is Olbermann's WKRP in Cincinnati reference. If you remember the show, you may remember the episode Olbermann refers to, in which the hapless fictional station does a live turkey giveaway for an on-air Thanksgiving promo. They decide to drop the live birds from a plane for lucky listeners to capture. Thing is ... turkeys don't fly. Video of the WKRP scene, after the jump.

'WKRP in Cincinnati,' Turkeys Can't Fly